Blackstone Cúil

Blackstone Cúil (pronounced Kool) is a four-piece band performing unique arrangements of Irish traditional and contemporary songs, as well as original music. Blackstone Cúil is named for a section of Worcester, MA where the Irish-born Blackstone Canal workers were halted at the city limits, only to settle and thrive as the largest claimed heritage in the county.
The term Irish Mod was coined to describe the special style of Celtic music the band has developed, not too light, not too heavy, NEVER boring.  Blackstone Cúil has a big sound perfect for festivals, rattles the rafters of rock clubs, and performs with the lush dynamics fitting for theatres. The blending of Mike Ladd’s voice and guitar, Myra MacLeod’s fiddle, Steve Harnois's bass, and Johhny Guertin’s drums and percussion are blazing a new trail through the Celtic music genre that bridges multiple styles – say it! Irish Mod.  Traditional Celtic songs and tunes are arranged in refreshing and surprising ways, as are familiar contemporary songs, balanced by stylish original compositions; a Blackstone Cúil show is as much an experience as it is just plain fun.