Our 2015 culminated in the release of our debut album, which is still gathering steam and critical acclaim (yay!).  But we keep moving and 2016 promises to be even more productive and fun.  We've started recording sessions for what will likely be several releases of one or two songs at a time throughout the year.  We had such a good time last year at the East Durham, NY Irish Festival that they've asked us back for both days and bumped us up to one of the main stages.  We've been working on a bunch of new material to freshen up the live shows too!  Besides the band, our members are keeping busy.  Myra continues her awesome work with the Worcester Folk and Contra Dance Orchestras, which Johnny G. also participates in; Steve has several side projects - Goofyfoot and Luscious Lushes among them - that he plays in, so look for them around town; and Mike performs solo, and wherever anyone will have him, really.  He's also laying tracks for some upcoming projects outside the band.  He's currently writing in the third person - will he be speaking such soon too?  ;)

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