Blackstone Cúil will not be booking or accepting offers for live performances going forward.  The band was fully formed in 2012, and while all the members are family to each other always, relocations out of Central Mass area have made it untenable to continue at the level the band aspires to.  We are very proud of our 2015 eponymous album and subsequent recordings; and the good news is that our second full length recording is in the works for release this year and will represent our swan song of sorts.

There are so many supporters, friends, and family to thank.  Roger Lavallee has been our “fifth” beatle in the studio; Mike Harmon & Wachusett Recording has been fabulous to work with; Brad Abusamra our patron allowed our first album to be made at all; all of our supporters at Fiddlers’ Green/The Hibernian Cultural Center including Helen Foley, Kay Tibert, Mary Whidden, Dave Kruczynski, and super fan Phil Dodge, so many more – for giving us a home base; The City Manager’s Office and the Cultural Development Office of the City of Worcester for all of their support; the Celtic radio shows on WCUW 91.3FM; the excellent and generous musicians who have joined us in various capacities; and of course our families for putting up with musicians at all.

Please do come out and see the bandmates performing all over New England  -  Thank you, from:

Myra MacLeod

Steve Harnois

Mike Ladd

John Guertin

Brendan Keenan

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Joe Miglionico